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"If we are not ashamed to think it, we should not be ashamed to say it." Cicero

About T2O

TruTalkOnly (T2O) is a blog seeking the Tru meaning behind many laws, news or stories. So many times, we read and/or hear things that are designed to be false, misleading, or parts of the story. The people intentionally misleading us are very much aware of their deception. The real questions we must start asking;  

1) Why are we lied to so much????

2) Why do SOME of our politicians, our doctors, our clergy, our government, and the so called “experts” hide the truth??

What makes matters worse is our complicit media. The media are supposed to be the check & balance of many of the lies, half true, and/or misleading stories we are so regularly fed by our government.  However, some in the media have become agents of the deception by just rubber stamping the laws or stories without asking the very necessary; who, what, when, how, & WHY.

Sidebar: I intentionally put why last & in bold because as we began to peel back the layers of some of the new laws and the news, the why answers are often the smelly parts.

Oddly, we have far more media presence today than we did 15-20 years ago due to the internet. However, since some in the media are failing to do their job, many of us have turned to alternative sources for news (Blogs, social websites, and other non-traditional journalists.)

My purpose – give readers the whole story; no matter how ugly, embarrassing, or who it may offend. This blog will never have a particular lean to the left or to the right.

Just remember, the truth is NOT black or white, rich or poor, republican or democrat, conservative, or liberal, old or young, male or female, rich or poor, or American or non-American.

The truth just IS.

A new blog will be available every Monday & Thursday.

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