Honor Thy Mother

A Mother just doesn’t possess the ability to carry and rear us, she is also physically equipped to breast-feed us when we are born. No wonder why we all love mothers so much! However, she is not just mother; if you a good mother, you also have in her a good friend, a confidant, a teacher, a disciplinarian and a philosopher.

It takes a lot of talent and patience to be a mother because as children we do the opposite of what she says and she loves us anyway. Not only is her love endless, it’s often more than we deserve or can even appreciate.

Motherhood begins even before we are born. Motherhood then passes through stages of infancy, then toddler, then preschool, then teenager, then adulthood. She never leaves us nor forsakes us – even though there are different challenges & problems at each stage. 


  1. Mother’s day may have been celebrated Sunday May 9, 2021; but really Mother’s day is every day.
  2. “Fathers may wear the pants”, but mothers’ decide the style, color, & the size of those pants.
  3. Certainly, on more than one occasion, we’ve disappointed mom; but her love continues to grow stronger.

In reality, motherhood consist of two (2) separate trimesters. The first three trimesters while we are in her womb. Then once born, fortunately for us, she’s with us for the next trimester. I will call this time period PBT – (Post Birth Trimester). In PBT 1, (birth until 12-years old), mothers are loving, feeding, nurturing, teaching, and disciplining us. She cleverly knows that the necessary discipline in Post Birth Trimester 1 is needed to prevent even more headaches in PBT 2. In Post Birth Trimester 2 (13-18 years old), mothers are still loving, feeding, nurturing, teaching, disciplining. But now she knows to give maximum flexibility and patience to allow us to properly reach independence in a constructive way. In Post Birth Trimester 3, (19-until) mothers are still loving, feeding, nurturing, and teaching. Additionally, in PBT 3, mothers are ready give advices in our relationships, jobs/careers, health and of course – how to raise her grandchildren. In PBT 3, the discipline now comes disguised as imparting wisdom in soft/sweet words. She no longer needs to raise her voice or scold us the same way. (Don’t get it twisted as she still can.) She just recognizes where we are in life’s journey and meets us there.

Mothers are like a lid on a pot; on tight enough to allow you to boil up but not so tight that you will boil over.

Now Trutalk:

  • Those that still have a Mother alive, cherish her and spend as much time as possible as you do not know when the time will come when you no longer have her.
  • Mothers may not give a lot to some charities; however, what she gives her child or children is the best donation she could ever make.
  • On May 3, 2021, I lost my mother, Eunice Anita Clark. Her death was the hardest thing I ever had to deal with.
  • Mother, it’s ok; I am good now. I am alright; I am not sad because I know you knew Christ.  

Luv U Mama!!

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