Jim Crow has a grandson

Jim Crow apparently has a grandson. As a result of the State of Georgia going to the now Democratic President, Biden; and the fact that the January Senate run-off went to two Democrats – which gave the majority to the Senate Democrats, Georgia felt it must revamp their election process. The Georgia Republicans have decided that silliness won’t happen again. .

Those who do not know the history of Jim Crow laws in the South (“Jim Crow laws were state and local laws that enforced racial segregation in the Southern United States.”) Also, would not allow voting by black people.

This week, Georgia State legislature voted down party lines some sweeping changes to how Georgians will vote in the future; and more specifically, how Democrats in Georgia will be able to vote. Some of these changes seem like the grandson of the Jim Crows era.

Changes to Georgia elections (my comments in red)

  • Absentee ballots will be verified based on driver’s license numbers or other documentation instead of voter signatures. (Republicans in Georgia know very well that a lot of poor minorities in GA do not have either a driver’s license number or a voting ID.)
  • Ballot drop boxes will only be allowed inside early voting locations and available strictly during business hours. (Ballot boxes have always been left outside; and ballots could have been dropped in the ballot boxes anytime of the day or night. So, why now only inside the building and why only during business hours?)
  • Members of the public will be prohibited from distributing food or water to voters waiting in line. Election workers are allowed to set up self-service water stations for voters in line, if they want to. (It is now a crime for the public to hand out water or food for people that are waiting in line for hours at a time.)
  • The State Election Board could remove County Election Boards and replace them with an interim elections manager. (Now, when election results and/or things are not going the way some have planned, the State Election Board can and will remove the County/City Board members.)
  • A hotline to report illegal election activities will be set up in the attorney general’s office. (Since Georgia went blue or Democratic, there must be some illegal activities. Interesting indeed)


  1. These changes are deliberate and very suspicious as Georgia has had voting rights struggles against black people dating back to the Jimmy Crow area.
  2. Does anyone really think any of these changes would have occurred if Trump had won Georgia, and/or the January senate run-off had returned two Republican Senators?
  3. Who do you think will be affected by these changes? Republicans or Democrats? Whites or Blacks? Rich or Poor?

To justify these discriminatory changes, some elected officials in Georgia gave these remarks:

“Significant reforms to our state elections were needed. There’s no doubt there were many alarming issues with how the election was handled, and those problems, understandably, led to a crisis of confidence in the ballot box here in Georgia,” Governor Kemp said after signing the bill.

“Our goal is to ensure that voters in Georgia have confidence in the elections process,” said state Sen. Max Burns, a Republican from Sylvania. “This is a solid step in the right direction to provide voter integrity in Georgia.”

 “One of the things we looked at is a system that’s broke,” said state Rep. Alan Powell, a Republican from Hartwell. “We have a system that needs to be revamped.”

Additionally, Republican lawmakers said “the measure will increase trust in election outcomes” following unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential contest. Recounts both by hand and machine showed that Democrat Joe Biden defeated Republican Donald Trump by about 12,000 votes.

Now TruTalk:

  • Biden-Harris won, get over it.
  • It’s a damn shame that in the year 2021, we still have politicians blatantly trying to suppress minority votes.
  • Any & everybody with a voice must bring this craziness to the surface.
  • Time to really consider boycotting the big companies that continue to support politicians’ bad intention.
  • As we can all see, voting matters!! Therefore, if your State requires some form of ID to vote, please find a way to get it so you can always vote.  

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