“At some point, you have to face the music,” said the second-ranking Senate Republican.

The election was November 3rd and still some in the Republican Party have not accepted or even acknowledged the fact that Biden won. Chief among these republicans ignoring all the court losses and the fact that States just certified Biden as the winner is President Trump. Soon as President Trump loses in court, another more insane lawsuit is filed.

In the beginning of all these lawsuits, most said it was a long shot but necessary to find out if there were any illegal voting going on. But after a very short period of time, it became very clear that the President and his attorneys did not come close to producing masses voting irregularities.

Time to ACT RIGHT. Biden & Harris won. Those who are still upset, that’s ok but acknowledgment of the process and the winner is necessary for our democracy.


  1. Many were upset in 2000 when Gore loss to President Bush via the Supreme Court.
  2. Many were upset in 2016 when Hillary loss to President Trump.
  3. Now, many are upset that President Trump loss to President-Elect Biden but that is how the system works. Sometime your candidate win and sometimes your candidate loses. (The beauty of our democracy.)

Now Trutalk:

  • It’s a real shame that prominent republicans have still not acknowledge the Biden – Harris win.
  • Whatever happened to proof? Nowadays, all it takes is an accusation to claim voter fraud.
  • ACT RIGHT for the sake of democracy.
  • All elections have winners and losers, but what makes the US stands out is how the losers congratulate the winners.

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