Abolish The Electoral College

No matter who you voted for, this year’s election MADE history with over 150 million votes casted.

This Electoral College mess has become a laughing stock as to how true democracy should not be. Whatever the Founders had in mind regarding the Electoral College hundreds of years ago, it doesn’t matter now in 2020. It’s time to abolish it.

Time for popular vote only. ONE PERSON, ONE VOTE!!

Only two times in our nation’s history, has the winner of the Electoral College not also receive the popular vote. (2000 between Bush & Gore: Gore won the popular vote & Bush won Electoral College) and (2016 between Trump & Hillary; Hillary won the popular vote); Therefore, because it doesn’t happen that frequently, some believe we need to leave the Electoral College in place.

We can and should do better than this. We must do better than this.


  1. True democracy is one person one vote.
  2. Republicans would likely fight vigorously to stop popular vote as they have been the beneficiaries of the Electoral College.

Now Trutalk:

  • We all should want the best and easiest way to produce a presidential winner.
  • If we must keep the Electoral College, we should at least apportion them based on the percentage the candidate won the State by. For example, if a State had 20 electoral votes and Candidate A won 70 % of the popular vote, than that candidate would get 70 % or 14 of the 20 electoral votes.
  • This apportionment would ensure that both candidates are represented rather than the winner takes all silliness we have now.
  • If you casted a vote or counted them, democracy thanks you.

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