Bigotry or Racism

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Over the weekend, Senator David Perdue from Georgia was the warm up act for President Trump. His goal was to stir up the crowd before President Trump spoke. He chose to mock women, black people, and the Hindus.

Senator Kamala Harris’ first names comes from her mother’s side of the family as her mom was an India American biomedical scientist. It pronounced as (Comma-la). Let’s put aside how to pronounce Kamala’s name for a second; ask yourself – what was the real purpose of intentionally mispronouncing her name? It goes to show that some republicans would do just about do anything to belittle others to help get President Trump re-elected. We don’t have to stoop to the level of making fun of people and/or their names. Senator Purdue acting like Kamala is so hard to pronounce; his remarks are ridiculous.
This is what Senator Perdue said,

“Kah-ma-la, or Kah-mah-la, or Kamala-mala-mala, I don’t know, whatever.”

Listen for yourself @


  1. Senator Kamala Harris has been in the Senate since 2017; therefore, all in the Senators know how to pronounce her name.
  2. Senator Harris and Senator Perdue sit on the same committee (Budget Committee) and have talk countless time no doubt. Senator Perdue knows Senator Harris very well indeed.
  3. Imagine one of your co-workers that you have been working with for 3-4 years intentionally make fun of the pronunciation your name.

Not surprising that this is not the first time that Senator Perdue has used racist or bigotry language to describe a candidate. State Democrats in Georgia have criticized Senator Perdue for using racial or ethnic language to describe his challenger, Joe’s Ossoff, an American Jew. At that time, Senator Perdue said, “Ossoff’s nose was slightly enlarged.” It was a horrible attempt to make fun of his opponent nose and Jew heritage.

Now Trutalk:

  • This kind of bigotry is exactly what President Trump wants and needs to win. Further divide the country.
  • It says a lot about some Georgian residents that Senator Perdue is currently leading in the polls for his Senate seat against his challenger, Ossoff.
  • Republicans often wonder why black people don’t usually support them. Well, this is one reason.
  • No republican has even come out to denounce Senator Perdue’s comment. Why??

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