Mon County Commissioners ask Gov. Justice to order face mask use during WVU student  move-out | WTRF

Only one word, greed sums up why colleges and universities allowed students to come back to campus this fall. Colleges & universities have students coming from other cities, states, and countries. No college was/is prepared to test or monitor these students’ activities before they came back to school or once they were at school.

As a result, colleges and universities have become hot-spots this fall. This silly experiment only lasted approximately a few weeks as colleges had to return to online classes. Dorm life has no way to social distance as it shares bathrooms, bedroom, and study halls. Ask yourself, what’s the real purpose of opening when the whole college experience on campus is partying, having sex, drugs/alcohol, and socializing?  Moreover, the colleges and their staff knew or should have known that college students would not easily follow the rules regarding social distancing.

To be fair, colleges need the money to survive. A lot of college revenue is derived from housing (dorms) and the meal plans. By itself, money is not necessarily a bad thing. But all knew eventually college students would test positive for covid-19 due to the nature of dormitory life.  Similarly, soon as most States reopened, their covid positive rates went up. Did not college presidents give that data any consideration? Or, do they believe in money over students’ & employees’ health?

Conservative estimates are 100,000 college students, staff, and employees have tested positive. That is pretty high considering most colleges just started their fall semester. (Late August or early September.) Most colleges closed and went to online classes one or two weeks after school started. Clearly, due to this re-opening, some colleges have increased their states’ covid positivity rate. This greed of reopening dorms has had multiple consequences. 


  1. All colleges and their presidents knew increase in covid positive would occur sooner rather than later as there are no realist ways to monitor nor enforce.
  2. Since these students have tested positive for covid, the student has to take this positive result home to their parents, siblings, grandparents, & neighbors.

Now that some colleges have re-opened just to close, parents and students have to make some kind of decision. Some colleges told their student, they must leave and will get a certain percentage of a refund. While other colleges allowed the students to decide by a particular date that they will remain in the dorm while taking all online classes. Once that date has passed, even if the student eventually goes back home, they have forfeited the room and board money.

Now Trutalk:

  • Those colleges that have allowed or suggested that students can remain in the dorms while doing online classes, do not seem to care for the staff/workers that clean those dorms.
  • We really have no data to tell us exactly why children and young adults don’t get the virus as easily or as severe as older adults. Therefore, we should not intentionally expose them.
  • Although colleges need students’ money to have a successful financial outlook, money cannot nor should not supersede health.
  • Before colleges send students home, they should have tested them so they do not pass on the virus.
  • At a bare minimum, colleges should have mandated those students in dorms to stay for the 14 day quarantine.


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