Vigilante Gone Wrong

There is no real reason why two people, Joseph Rosenbaum, 36 & Anthony Huber, 26 lives were taken; while Gaige Grosskreutz, 25 had a big chunk of his right arm removed. Kyle Rittenhouse is now charged as an adult with two counts of first degree homicide and one count of attempted homicide.

Whether you believe Kyle was the agitator or the victim, this is not how America has been protesting over the many years. All people in this country have a right to assemble and/or protest without having to deal with armed citizens.

We all understand that guns are legal and will always be legal as they are in our constitution. However, it’s time to think about when guns are appropriate to have/carry and when they are not appropriate. No one is trying to remove guns but nor is anyone trying to remove the rights of people to protest peacefully. Therefore, there must be a delicate balance of the two. Given, what has happened over the past 3-4 to four months with civil unrest, it is now necessary for our politicians (Federal & State) to prohibit the possession of firearms in or around protests!

There are at least two federal laws regulating the possession of firearms in or near K-12 school.  Violating this law can be quite severeif you are convicted of violating gun-free school zone, you face up to five years imprisonment and a maximum fine of $5,000. It should be noted, all states have similar laws regarding firearms in and around K-12 schools.  Additionally, some states have restrictions on guns in or near their state’s capital building.

Since lawmakers have come to the conclusion that gun possession is a bad idea around school, states’ and federal buildings – so must they restrict guns in and around protests.

When unarmed protesters – who are already angry, frustrated or heated – are met with armed counter protesters only bad things can happen. Ed Davis, a former Boston police commissioner, said it best “the violence in Kenosha is the inevitable outcome when private citizens – armed with military-grade weapons and driven by visceral reactions – take to the streets to assume the role of law enforcement.”

As a result, Kyle Rittenhouse – a 17-year-old from Illinois – came into Kenosha armed with semi-automatic AR-15 rifle. Rittenhouse told reporters prior to the deadly confrontation that he was armed with a rifle to protect a local parking lot. Groups supporting Kyle said, “Kyle Rittenhouse is not a vigilante but a citizen who attempted to help the city.”


  1. Police are available to help protect the city; we don’t need citizens armed or unarmed to assist.
  2. Protesting or the right to assemble has been used for hundreds of years for the people to express their frustrations and/ or objections against the government.
  3. Protesting is freedom of speech & assemble. (First Amendment)

Now Trutalk:

  • Time for police in states with friendly carry laws to come up with a plan to handle such conflicts from armed protesters.
  • Since states and local officials have police, state troopers, and access to the National Guard – if needed, they do not need any armed-citizen to assist with protecting property or intimidating others.
  • Having armed-untrained people on the opposite side of the protesters can only lead to bad things. 

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