The Umbrella man

Umbrella Man
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We were duped again. Surprise surprise!!!

We were told by the media and police that black individuals protesting started the fire and looting in the first building in Minneapolis after George Floyd’s death. Auto Zone was the first building; however, it turned out not to be the black protesters but rather a white supremacist man dressed in all black, wearing a black gas mask, and wielding a sledge hammer. He is now infamously called “the umbrella man.” There is video footage of him smashing the windows of the Auto Zone store with a sledgehammer. It was so methodically done; some thought he was a police officer. Later that day, the Auto Zone store was burned down as the police abandoned it.

This 32-year-old man is a Hell Angel member, and he belongs to a prison biker gang. Apparently, he was trying to make the sensationalized media believe he was an angry or disgruntle black protesters. It worked like a charm too. This AutoZone destruction & looting was one of the first widely shared images of the protest from the George Floyd killing. Erika Christensen, an arson investigator with the Minneapolis police, wrote in the affidavit that the vandalism “created an atmosphere of hostility and tension” two days after Mr. Floyd’s death. This action was, to some. the start of looting and destruction that happened days and weeks after the George Floyd’s death. Furthermore, Ms. Christensen said, “In a short time after the front windows are broken out in the AutoZone, looting started; this was the first fire that set off a string of fires and looting throughout the precinct and the rest of the city.”


  1. Why do some white people feel the need to commit a crime and blame it on black people? Remember, Susan Smith; a white women that falsely claimed a black man carjacked her and kidnapped her 2 sons (3-years & 14 months) after she murdered them?
  2. Now that the media all know the true about this mysterious “umbrella man,” why is the name still withheld.

Why & what was the “umbrella man’s” purpose? What did he want to accomplish by having people believe it was the black protesters who started the path of destruction? This kind of behavior dates back decades in which some white individuals pretend to be black individuals when they have committed criminal acts. As always, the media swallows it whole until or unless additional evidence surfaces. And even if evidence to the contrary comes out, like this, the media is nowhere to be found. This should have been a much bigger story but it was not. Since the media are well aware of these lies and penchant for some whites to blames blacks, they need to investigate more thoroughly. The media also need to retract and/or apologize when they get a story wrong.

Now Trutalk:

  • Those who say racism is dead or no longer happening are wearing blinders.
  • The media have to do a better job of vetting stories even when they are happening in real time.
  • The media knows he is white, 32-years-old, a member of Hells Angel, and belongs to a prison biker gang but did not release his name. Ask yourself two questions; why his name has not been released; and why hasn’t this story been on the news or in many front pages’ of news outlets?
  • What this “umbrella man” did in no way excuses the destruction that some black people engaged in after the first building fire. Wrong is wrong.
  • Here is the complete video: (just copy & paste)


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