Black Community 4th report card

The definition of a report card. “An evaluation of performance” 

Over the 4th of July weekend, an estimated 150 people were shot and over 50 killed. Chicago alone had 79 shooting – 15 fatally. At least 5 of those killed were children under 15 and one elderly person 74. A six-year-old in Philly; a seven-year-old & 14-year-old in Chicago; an eight-year-old in Atlanta; and an eleven-year-old in DC.

What is going on in the black communities? We can’t blame police for these shootings. We also don’t need to try to figure out why this is happening now. Due to the Covid pandemic coupled with the recent protest because of police brutality, we in the black community should be making peace and trying to make sure our loved ones are protected from the virus. Instead, it’s business as usual – gun violence. Due to video footage, the world was able to see the brutal mistreatment by police officers of black men like George Floyd. Less than one month later, the same world sees black on black violence and can only shake their heads in total amazement. Shame on us. The same way, we can no longer sweep police brutality under the rug; we cannot pretend black on black violence is out of control.

If we are to demand accountability from police and police departments, we too must have accountability in some black communities. It was be disingenuous for us not to demand more from ourselves and our communities. We MUST protect ourselves – especially the elder & children.


  1. Can you imagine your 7-year-old your son, daughter, grandchild, niece or nephew shot & killed playing outside of her/his grandmother’s house?  It happened to Natalia Wallace in Chicago.
  2. Can you imagine living through multiple wars and decades violence just to be shot and killed at 74 – weeks before your 75th birthday? It happened to Paulette Thorpe in Durham, NC while celebrating the 4th.
  3. We can no longer look outwardly for answers to the violence in black communities. We MUST look within.  This is solely on us.

In the black community, we can talk about all the things that are against us like the criminal justice system, the education system, unemployment/under-employment, and police mistreatment. But we must also talk about the things we are doing wrong in our own communities. We are the ones terrorizing our own communities. We can’t blame police on the burglaries; we can’t blame police on the robberies; nor can we blame police on the killing we see and hear about every day. If we going to expect and perhaps demand better police officers when policing our communities, then we must participate in our own construction or it will be our own destruction. We can no longer expect people to do things for us that we are not willing to do for ourselves.

Now Trutalk:

  • If America truly wants to decrease crime in the inner cities, then its time – perhaps overdue – in making drugs legal.
  • Locking up more & more minorities is clearly not the answer to reducing crime.
  • Police have no role in us killing us. (Black on black crime.)
  • If the black community wants to be seem differently, then we have to act differently.
  • Crime in our neighborhoods is on us not others. We need to make sure children, the elder, & innocent victims are not caught in the crossfire.
  • Since some black people are afraid of each other in some of their own communities, you should expect outside groups to be frightening too.
  • Unfortunately, black men are viewed the same inside & outside the inner cities. It is on America to try to distinguish the two as not all are equal.

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