Riots are good unless you are black

Rioting is not only good; it’s necessary – UNLESS THE RIOTERS ARE BLACK. Those of us that love America and its values should always know that this country has used riots to shape and re-shape the landscape we see today.

What exactly is a riot – “riot is a form of civil disorder commonly characterized by a group lashing out in a violent public disturbance against authorityproperty or people. Riots typically involve destruction of property, public or private.”

Difference countries around the world have had riots from time to time throughout their history. When people have felt neglected, marginalized, over taxed, and many other frustrations – rioting was/is a wonderful forum to show the people are fed up. One of the first recorded riots was in 44 BC (Before Christ) due to the assassination of Julius Caesar.  An angry mob fire bombed and attacked the houses of Brutus and Cassius, as well as killing Helvius Cinna.

The USA has had well over 100 riots throughout its short history. Hell, it was a riot that started America down the path of seeking independence. In 1773, The Boston Tea Party was a political protest riot because the British government allowed a British East India company to sell tea from China in the America Colonies without paying taxes. (“Taxation without representation”) The American rioters just board the ships and destroy the entire shipment of tea; they also burned down the ships. Oddly, today the “American protesters” would be called looters. Wait, no they will not; they are not black. Interesting indeed.

Here are a few riots that played a vital role in America’s history and ALL of these riots were by whites. Too many people think or believe that rioting/looting/burning started with black people. Wrong. We follow what we see.

  1. The Whiskey Rebellion/Riot of 1774 – Protesters used violence and intimidation because the Fed government taxed spirits – namely whiskey. (Wait, white people can be angry and use violence about a new tax but people cannot when a person of color is killed while in custody of the police on the ground?)
  2. The Baltimore Bank Riot of 1835 – Protesters used violence and destruction because of the failure of a Bank in Maryland in which some loss millions. The rioters destroyed many of the homes of the city’s wealthiest and most prominent citizens, and much valuable property was smashed or burned. (Wait, white people can use violence and burn things down when they lose money but black people cannot when person of color is killed while in the custody of police on the ground?)
  3. Chinese Massacre Riot of 1871 – A race riot in which a mob 500 whites attacked, robbed, & murdered Chinese residences simple because they were Chinese. Many Chinese were shot to death or lynched. (Wait, white people can murder & use violence simply because they dislike a minority group; but black people cannot when a person of color is killed while in the custody of police on the ground?)
  4. Roosevelt Raceway Riot Of 1963 – Due to a mid-race collision of horses, the horse race only had two horses remaining. Because the race was declared official with only two horses, protesters began to riot by throwing debris, attacking the judges, and then set fires. (Wait, people can display violence and frustration due to a horse race but black people cannot when person of color is killed while in the custody of police on the ground?)

There are plenty more of rioting accounts in the US. It should be noted that there are well over 20 race riots where whites attacked blacks for any number of false accusations.


  1. It’s clear that when white people are angry, frustrated, and/or feel wronged, they will protest and riot to get the message across.
  2. It’s clear that rioting will involve similar actions like violence, destruction, & burning regardless what groups are rioting.

We all need to know our history as we were never all together in this fight. Most people, no matter the color, know the treatment of minorities is holy unfair. It’s time to be brutally honest with the fact that police in white communities are there to protect; but the police in minority communities are there to intimidate and make sure “blacks/browns stay in their place.”

Rioting in minority neighborhoods will never stop as long as only some people benefit from police protection and others don’t.

Now Trutalk:

  • No one should be shocked that minorities are rioting after clearly seeing their communities ravaged by police brutality.
  • It’s time for the people to vote out mayors that do not hold the police commissioners or the police department responsible for their actions.
  • It time to put police officers under the microscope. Those that have a list of complaints against them, either need to be fired or desk duty only. Take them off the streets.
  • Police officers that are afraid or feel a need to be overly caution with minority men should not be police in those communities.
  • Police departments need a complete overhaul.


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